Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HAPPY 7/11 DAY!!!

Happy 7-Eleven Day!  Did you know you can get your very own free (7.11oz) SLURPEE today?  Last year the boys tried to get their free slurpees when Tony came home from work.  Unfortunately, they only have so many 7.11 oz cups and once they run out, no more free slurpees.  Today we headed out earlier in the day for our free slurpee.  And really....what's better on a hot, Hot, HOT day then a slurpee?
(and a balloon for Kyler)
 Not wanting to lose his balloon, he found a great place to corral it.
 Then we were off to visit friends.  Kyler, Kevin and Valerie decided to make short videos with Deanna's phone.  I can't believe my baby is old enough to want to make movies with his friends!
I think I need to watch Colton and Asher's old videos at Kyler's age.  That would be a great activity to do during THE LAZIEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!! (school starts in 12 days, then the lazy summer ends.....sad)

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