Monday, July 9, 2012


 I'm still enjoying the LAZIEST SUMMER ON RECORD!  Having a driver has made this summer divine.  I didn't (repeat DID NOT) allow him to drive on our Utah trip, but once we were home I've given most of the driving over to him.  No milk for breakfast in the worries!  Just give Colton a little $$$ and the car keys....problem solved!!!  Asher or Kyler want to be dropped off at a friends worries.....send Colton!!!!  I'm loving this and plan on enjoying my last two weeks of summer.  Yes, in two weeks all my kids will be back in school.  And then I actually have to get up early and DRIVE them!  Suddenly I want to change the subject......moving on to Kyler's primary class.  They were discussing last week about Christ being our shepherd..  Everyone in the class was given a little lamb with their name on it.  Kyler also wanted an extra one and named him "Jim".  Apparently, he loves this name and plans on naming one of his future sons "Jim".   Good to know!
 Kyler's also started bringing a notebook with him to church.  (he still brings a bag of small super hero toys, but we're slowing transitioning to paper and pen)  He decided to write down everything that happened in Primary.  He included what songs they sang, who said the prayers and talks, who had a birthday, the baseball and later the string he found.  I love his last line....."lost string".  And finally, despite his primary teacher and parents suggesting that he take the baseball to the lost and found, he brought it home.  Oh, Kyler.
 Monday, July 2nd was an exciting day.  My Tante Josette and cousins, Jacquelen and Juliet went clothes shopping!  We headed to the Distribution Center to get Jacquelen ready for the temple the next day.  The next day we all went to the temple to be there for Jacquelen.  It was really wonderful to share in that special day for her!  Jacquelen, thanks for letting me hang out with you on the shopping day!
 4th of July!!!
We were invited to a BBQ/Swim party at the Baxter's that evening.  That meant another very lazy day until then.  Everyone was happy to have Subway for lunch.  I was happy to not cook or do dishes!!!
At 6pm, we were off to the Baxter's with lots of friends, food and fun!  
Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!

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Jen Hakes said...

We wish we could have been there for Jac too! Enjoy the lazy days, they are so rare!