Saturday, July 14, 2012


Last year, I went furniture shopping with my mom.  She was looking for a few items and we shopped all over the valley that day.  Our last stop was a furniture store in North Phoenix.  This leather club chair and ottoman were right at the front of the store.  We immediately fell in love.  It was smaller for kids, but not too small.  I could just picture Kyler sitting in it.  She could too and quickly purchased it for her new home.  Later, as she dropped me at my home, she had my boys take the chair in for Kyler. (yes, he really is this spoiled!)
It's so nice that she gave it to him since he claimed it from the first moment he laid eyes on it!  It's not only  his favorite place to be in our's a favorite spot for Colton, Asher and anyone else who comes over.
I can only imagine what goes through Kyler's mind as he kicks back after an exhausting day.  He chills in this chair.  He controls the TV in this chair.  On occasion, he even sleeps in this chair.
I'm so curious for the future.  Can you even imagine a fully grown, 6'5" Kyler sitting here?!?  Trust me, I'll take lots of photos when that day comes.  For now, I'll enjoy my little man!

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Jen Hakes said...

I can't wait to see how he grows and still tries to make that awesome chair work for him.