Monday, July 23, 2012


First day of school!!!  I can't believe we all woke up on time - BONUS!!!  After the laziest summer on record, I was a little worried about that one.  Not only did everyone rise to the occasion (pun intended), but they ate their breakfast, got ready for school and Colton and Asher had seminary with me.  A very successful morning if you ask me.  Too bad I forgot to snap some photos this morning.  First day of school photos are just as good at the end of the day....right?!?  Kyler was the first to get in the van.  Then we waited on the bus that drops Colton and Asher at Kyler's school.  (this year is going to be great!!!!)
 While we're waiting on the boys....let's review their new uniforms.  Shirts come in black, purple, grey and white.  The boys opted for two purple & two black.  I love the embroidered crest on their shirts this year.
 After purchasing the shirts last week, the boys "modeled" for me.  This is their interpretation of "catalog chic".
 Workin' it with Roscoe!
 All boys are finally in the van and we head home....for photos!  He does make this look good!
 Stud.....yes he is!
 Colton needed to put a Batman reference in there....enjoy!
 My only group shot
 Poor Roscoe....can they just leave him alone.
Stay tuned on Friday.....Roscoe's life will never be the same.

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