Thursday, March 21, 2013


Currently, I'm back in Cub Scouts as the Wolf leader and my friend, Deanna is the Bear leader.  We hold our den meetings together and lucky for me, Deanna plans a monthly field trip!  (I really can't think about the fact that she's moving and will be out of the ward next month)  In February, we went to KPHO Channel 5 News Station.
 Our first stop is to hear the rules before we enter the building.  
 We took a short tour before going into the green room to watch the 6:30 news broadcast.  If you've watched the news lately, you'll understand why our guide had to mute most of the broadcast!  Not really what you want young boys to hear.  After the newscast, Sean McLaughlin (anchor) and Chris Dunn (weatherman) posed for photos and talked with the boys.  They explained that the weatherman doesn't have a script.  Everything they say, they make up on the spot.
 The news anchors have scripts, but they have the challenge of reading a teleprompter and trying to make it sound as if they aren't reading but telling a story.  Chris said that's a really difficult thing for Sean to do.  That's when Kyler blurts out "I could do it."  Sean then points to Kyler and said "Confidence is another big part of the job"  That's my boy!  No shortage of confidence - just wish he wasn't so loud!
 After they left the news desk, they were able to talk about the weather in front of the green screen.  The boys had so much fun seeing themselves in the monitor in front of the map.  Then they were handed a green sweatshirt aka: the cloak of invisibility!  They had so much fun!!!!!  Thank You CBS 5!
 March brings spring break and our morning tour of Peter Piper Pizza.  Pizza for breakfast, why not!  (this tour might be in real was so quick)  Here's where they wash the dishes.....oooooh, aaaaaah.
 Here's where they make their dough.  Yes!  They make all their own pizza dough on site. 
 Here's the wall of soda syrups and tanks of carbonation.  They mix with water, go through the ceiling and down to their drink center.  One of the scouts asked, "where does the water come from?"  Reply, "I don't know......somewhere up there."  (hey folks, we're at a "mini-Vegas" themed kids pizza place.....why would he know?!?)
 The freezer......wish I could spend the summer in here.
 Being good little "employees" and washing their hands before...
making their own personal pizzas!
(I'm very thankful to Peter Piper Pizza for setting up the tour for the kids, so I don't think I'll tell you that after you wash your hands, no gloves are needed to grab your pizza toppings.  So again, I won't tell you they don't wear gloves when grabbing toppings since that would be gross!) 
After running around playing, eating breakfast pizza and drinking soda (that was mixed in the ceiling) we packed up and headed home.
 And finally, my personal field trip with my cub scout.  We shop at an interesting place called American Discount Foods.  Recently, they moved locations and had an incredible Grand Opening sale.  Last month I spent more than $50 here and that earns you a spin of the wheel.  Since Kyler was with me, he felt it was his right to spin.  Thank goodness he did....he spun $20!!!!!  I was given a $20 gift certificate to use at the store within a month's time.  Fast forward nearly a month before I remembered that I had this certificate!  Thankfully, I had a couple of days to use it and I brought Kyler with me again. (not to spin, I knew we wouldn't spend that much)  He felt the $20 was his since he "earned" it.  He didn't get the full amount, but he did reward himself well!
Thanks, Kyler for going with me on our personal field trip!
(and I'm happy to be your scout leader - Love, Mom)

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