Monday, March 11, 2013


2013 is here.....our words were's back in scripture reading is going strong......and time is flying by!  We started the year with a new church time - 12:30.  The boys are definitely more awake and Colton is drawing even more.  I love Asher!
 This is my favorite!!!
Asher is looking at Mamita's tablet.
Colton = Rico Suave 
(I'm pretty sure that's not the thing to say, oh well)
How he captured his dad.....priceless.
And finally Kyler....the baby.  Doesn't he look very Little Prince like, I think so. And I love it!
 I love dishes....and I can't say no to a great deal.  I recently purchased these scalloped salad plates in brown  and white (not pictured).  The brown went nicely with Mita's tablecloth.  This dinner was awesome too!  The boys devoured the quiche and fresh green beans.  The salad.....not so much by two certain children (Gary Jr. & Master Chief)
 My second attempt at Pad Thai.
(except it was missing something - it was still good though)
 First recipe out of my donut pan...
Baked Vanilla Doughnuts.
So yummy!
(I just purchased 2 doughnut hole pans this weekend.....can't wait to try them out!)
 Kyler, the babysitter.  He loves being in charge.  Yesterday I taught his Primary class and boy, was he bossing another kid around.  I asked him to not be so bossy, please.  He said, "I'm not being bossy.  I'm commanding."  W.O.W.
Tomorrow we'll talk February!

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