Thursday, March 28, 2013


 What do you do with cub scouts when it's a beautiful day in the mid 80s....go to the park to make kites!  Our scouts loved making their own kites.  First, take your frame (put together by Deanna) and wrap your string around the center until it's secure.
 Great Job!
 Some boys had a little problem with tangled string.
 Now you've got the hang of it!
 After the center is secure, frame out the kite with the string.  Make sure to secure the string with tape.
 Asher came to help.
Getting ready for the next step....
 cutting out our kite - aka a plastic tablecloth.
After it's cut, tape the plastic to the kite frame.
OK....I'm sure I missed a lot of the details, but that's the gist of it.  Our time was up and there was no wind anyways.  The boys did have fun and we enjoyed the park since it will be too hot too soon. (Saturday is supposed to be 90 degrees!)
 I've been patiently waiting to buy a nice camera.....and the wait is finally over!  Saturday I placed my order and yesterday afternoon UPS delivered!!!  I was so excited to see everything and get started on figuring it out.  First order of business, charge the battery.  In just 2 short hours, all the kids (and Tony) were in bed and my battery was ready to go.  I couldn't just go to bed, I've waited so long for this day.  So here are a couple of photos I snapped before I was out for the night.  (I've spared Tony the photos of him sleeping)
I'm only going to get better....right?!?
I can't wait to use it and Easter weekend should be the perfect opportunity.

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Jen Hakes said...

Hip hip hooray for your new camera!!!