Thursday, March 14, 2013


The other day I was pulling out of the garage when I noticed the cover was off of our garage keypad.  I figured one of the kids just set it down and asked Kyler to find it before we left.  After a little search, no cover!  So imagine my surprise when Tony emailed me that he had the cover.  He was racing out the door (well, garage) to jump in his car and head to work, when in his haste he took off down the road with the cover still in his hand.  That's my Tony!
I had a little problem with my calf last week and ended up in bed with my leg elevated for a few days.  Even though the kids were still in school and Tony was at work, I was never alone.  Roscoe was always by my side.
 Both Cocolette & Roscoe were nearby.
 Last Friday we had rain....lots of rain (for us), we even saw hail.  It was so cold and wonderful!
But all good things must come to an was 91 degrees.....91 DEGREES!  Summer is going to be here too quick.

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