Monday, March 25, 2013


Kyler's 1st Pinewood Derby.
He's been so excited and ready for this day.  He planned out his car design and did a lot of the work.  Tony's getting so much better (less crazy!) at making cars with the kids.  (don't mistake less crazy for not crazy.....he was still plenty crazy!)  The races are about to begin!
 Reagan giving us her best cheese!
The best part of this night was how quickly the races were done.  I don't think it took 20 minutes.  The computer tallied the numbers and they needed a race off to break a tie.  It was down to....
 Kyler & Trevor!
(dun, dun, DUN!)
[OK....these boys are best friends and I think it's hilarious that I even snapped a photo of them looking like this.  They were so happy for each other....just nervous!]
 The cutest thing was Kyler's cheering section. 
(Emily, Jane, Valerie and Andrew)
He told all the girls to be quiet - "you're embarrassing me!"
Tony, Colton and Asher did the wave for Kyler most of the night.
(I did record it earlier and they weren't as enthusiastic when I made them do it again)

 The results........Trevor won first and Kyler won second.  Look how happy he is with his trophy!  All the boys were so good and supportive of one another.  After all the awards were handed out....
they made a pit stop!
Cub Scouts + Treats = SUCCESS!
 I was so excited to take care of the treats.  Here's what was offered.  Spare Tires - aka mini chocolate donuts and lots of cupcakes!  Don't you love our Cub Scout Motor Oil...thanks, Tony!
 Yes....I separated Mike & Ike's for my ode to a stoplight.
 Traffic Cones - aka bugles
 Axle Rods - aka chocolate drizzled pretzels
I should have taken a photo after the carnage....there wasn't much left!  Only a  few "axle rods" and cupcakes left.  The "spare tires" and "traffic cones" were a big hit and gone in the first minute.
to all our cub scouts for their awesome cars and  fantastic sportsmanship!

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