Friday, September 6, 2013


After our wonderful first week in Utah, we headed south to visit our friends in Enterprise.  Tony and I met Shawn and Sharla in Phoenix 20 years ago and became fast friends.  I love that our kids have become friends as well!  Asher was excited about EFY, but more excited about spending time with Gavon.  My city boy needed some time in wide open spaces!  (wish that Tony and Colton would have been with us!)  View from the front porch.
Notice the boys are in their Marv's shirts!  (We even picked one up for Colton.)  Marv's Drive Inn is owned by Sharla's dad.  They have the best Bacon Pepperjack Burger, Fries with Fry Sauce and Shakes!  They even have two locations, the second one is in St. George.
This is the only way I could get all of their kids in a photo!  We didn't see Talon and Kelton very often, but my boys spent lots of time getting into trouble playing with Gavon, Kyndel, Maicey and Wyatt.

This is how boys greet each other after a year apart.'s begun.  Pretty much after this pose.....we didn't see a lot of Gavon and Asher.  They took off and only occasionally came back to eat and/or annoy younger siblings.
So this is where we spent our next week.
 View from the front porch.
 View from the back porch.
 Our Cocolette Amelie Genevieve Peney Stock (yes, we've added Peney to her name) is related to these dogs.  Kyler especially loved being around a "Coco" dog.
 Is it sad that the best photo I took is of this dog?!?
I spent most of my time with Kyler, Maicey and Wyatt.  Don't let this photo fool you.....they had a great time together!
 They all love dogs!

 Kyler really wanted photos of him, Maicey and Wyatt.  Then he became so irritated with Wyatt......who's the baby of his family.  He was acting like Kyler and Kyler DID NOT like the competition!
My favorite!
Kyler's true feelings at the moment!  This was so good for my baby to not be the baby.
 He always said he wanted a little brother so he could trap him.....this is as close as you're going to get, Kyler!
 In the end, they were always friends.  My baby's growing up.
Wyatt is adorable, energetic, mischievous and hysterical!  

Even when he's not well, he's still being funny.  He hopped up on the table at the doctors and played dead!  He had an ear infection and Sharla had a meeting in another town when the doctor could see him.  I was happy to take him......
 and four other children!   Actually, it was heaven to be surround by lots of little kids.  I loved the whole week!!!!
 Before we knew it, it was time to pack up.  Everyone was happy to pose the last night.



 Dancing on my van.....why not!


And now it's time to say goodbye.  Hopefully, we won't have to wait another year until we see each other again.

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