Saturday, September 7, 2013


My cousin, Juliet came for a visit this summer, just before I left for girls camp.  We were all so excited to meet her baby Katherine Lilly, Kit for short.  Kyler was my only child who didn't like babies AT ALL!  The first baby he "tolerated" was Gunnar (another cousin's baby) and he's come a long way since then.  He wanted to hold Kit....I was shocked.  He's really growing up!
 I love all her rolls!  Just how a baby should be!
 Kyler holding Kit and chatting with her older brother, Nicholas.
 Tony couldn't resist holding her either!
Can you blame him?
 Again.....too much cuteness!
I was so happy we were able to meet Kit before she's too grown up.

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La Famille B said...

What a cutie!! Who could resist those rolls??!! ha ha! It was so good to see your family! miss you!