Monday, September 9, 2013


I love serving in Young Women's for our church.  Summer brings one of the best activities...GIRLS CAMP!  The girls (16-18) chose the theme: Super Heroes.  SUPER stands for Stand Up, Personally Encourage Righteousness.  Camp was held at a cabin in Payson.  Since we left on July 11th (7/11), I had to get my free slurpee at 7-11 before we hit the road!  Pina Colada...yum!
 We only had 3 days, 2 nights for our vacation girls camp this year.  We had to make the most of every moment.  The YCL (youth camp leaders) started into the skits and songs right away.
 The most amazing thing about our girls camp was how many girls there were.  When we started planning we only had 8 girls going.  By the time we left, we had 17 GIRLS!  Lots of girls moved into the ward and we're so happy to have them!!!!!
 We're also lucky to have such awesome Camp Directors!!!  Rock the Mullet, Ladies!!!!!
After unpacking, introductions, passing out camp shirts, a YCL skit, songs, more songs, it was time to start certification.
 Can you tell I loved our theme?!?
With limited time we had to make every minute count.  Time for our hike, after we assemble our trail mix.
 Group Picture Time!
 After their hike, the girls came back to start their craft, t-shirt braided headbands.  They're all so creative!  Great job, girls!
 Our First Years were Captain America
Second Years were Batman
 Third Years were Superman
 Everyone wore their camp shirts on the second day.  This day was all about repelling!  We ended up with some rain just as we were going to the location.  We waited for a little bit, but the rain wasn't slowing down.  Of course, as soon as we were back to the cabin, it let up.  The girls were able to go after all, just a little later than we planned.  They repelled until the sun went down and came home exhausted!
The third and final day....more camp songs....

 and our "beach" day!  A little bit of tubing and.....
Then back to the cabin for our last songs......
and skits!!!

I love these girls!!!!!
Thanks for a great camp!
Now......let's get our projects completed for Young Women In Excellence.  REMEMBER: It's on November 20th!  To encourage the girls, I've given them the Pathway to Personal Progress (yellow brick road) sheet. As they follow the path and complete their assignments, they can earn prizes.  There are 3 prizes along the yellow brick road and a Surprise Grand Prize at the end of the journey.  It's been so fun and anything that lets me use Wizard of Oz again is AWESOME!  I've also taken it upon myself to prepare a production to encourage them to work on their goals.  It's titled "Ode to Personal 13 parts" and's using songs from The Wizard of Oz!  Every Sunday I share my new song and a treat (except on Fast Sundays).  Yesterday was week 4 and I baked up mini loaves of wheat bread served with regular and strawberry butter.  It really was so delicious!  In November I'll share my one woman show in its entirety.  It's goofy and totally fun - at lease for me!

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