Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In August, Dad and Connie were going to BYU for training before hopping on a plane to China for 10 months.  Since it would be the last time we could see them until next June, we took the opportunity to visit!  We drove up on a Thursday and stayed with my cousin Andrew and his family again.  (this was our third visit since December!)  Friday we were able to finally see everyone for lunch at the kids favorite restaurant - Chuck A Rama.  After visiting, we went to the mall to spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandpa spoiled the boys with a carousel ride. 
 Colton and the Horse
 Asher and the Rooster
 Kyler and the Dragon
 Kyler was spoiled and Grandpa kept paying for more carousel rides.  His first time in line, Kyler introduced the himself and his Grandpa to the lady running the ride.  He even told her that he was adopted. (it's not uncommon for this to be the first thing he tells people)  She told him that it was wonderful that he had a great family.  She even confided in him that she was adopted too.  After a fistbump, they were bonded friends.  She even treated him to a free ride.  He always chose the dragon and enjoyed riding and riding and riding!
Saturday is a special day.....especially when you attend a temple session with your family!  Dad and Connie and 4 of the 5 siblings with their spouses.  We attended a live session at the Salt Lake Temple.  Everyone loved the session and spending time with each other.  For dinner, we went to the boys (except for Kyler....thanks again, Michelle for babysitting him) new favorite restaurant, Tucano's.  SO GOOD!!!!!!  We made plans to attend Audra's church with her on Sunday.  Audra is Relief Society President in her ward and was teaching that week.  She gave a great lesson and I'm so glad I was there.  After church, we all met at Andrew and Michelle's for dinner.  (they had left for a little family vacation and we had the house to ourselves)  Again, lots of time to be together, talk and we even played a game.  So much fun....and so sad that our time was almost done.  We took some photos before saying our goodbyes.  It kills me that my boys are so grown up!
 This was Austin's second attempt to jump into Colton's arms.........and Colton's second drop!
 Austin showed him how it's done.
 I love this photo!
 Our Family
 Next time they see us, we'll have a high school graduate, a sophomore and a 5th grader.  We might even have a missionary by then.
  We love you and can't wait to hear all about your adventures in Nanjing!

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