Monday, September 23, 2013


I can only imagine the fun to be had at the House of Steve when fall break starts next week.  Here's a little bit of fun over the last week......FORTS!  Kyler built a chair fort with Asher and tried to get the dogs to live in it with him.  They escaped in record time!  At least Ky enjoyed it.
The first SPIRIT WEEK of the 2013-2014 school year was last week.  Monday was Under the Sea day.  Colton wore his Pacific Rim fan art shirt with an orange and white fish necklace. (the fish was the same size as this blue and white fish.  I sewed it to a lanyard for Colton's necklace)  He told people that he had found Nemo.  Asher drew this on a white undershirt and I sewed the fish to it.  Clever boy!  Tuesday was Tacky Tourist Day - they wore very bright Hawaiian shirts.  Wednesday was Twin Day - Colton wore his suit and Asher wore a white shirt and tie.  When they arrived at school, someone asked if all the Mormons were trying to be missionaries for the day.  It wasn't planned, but almost all the Mormon boys had dressed in church clothes!  Awesome!!!  Thursday was Purple Day......for school spirit.  The homecoming soccer game was played that day. (more to come on that later)  Friday was pirate day - Asher had a hook hand and a bandana.  Colton took a different approach.  He printed out the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning seal and taped it to his shirt.  Since he received compliments on his shirt, he decided to enter the Pirate Costume Contest. 
He won 2nd place.
My boys love to draw during least they're quiet.  Here's Asher's latest:
Great job, Ash!!!

And here's the boy irritating Roscoe!  Yep.....just a normal day at the House of Steve.
This same night, Colton decided to dance.  I put the camera in sports mode and snapped away.  Yes....he's a goof!  That's my baby.....who will graduate in 8 months.

Yep.....I'm proud!

(actually, I'm going to miss all the fun we have with Colton.  Especially when Colton and Asher have stayed up too late and put on shows for us.  In fact....I may or may not be crying right now.)
But not the dogs!
Sleep on while you can, little dogs!

Fall Break is coming!

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La Famille B said...

Love the spirit day outfits! And the late night dancing. The House of Steve will be a little less fun without Colton. Glad the dogs get a small break with them in school.