Monday, September 9, 2013


Again.....I didn't write out my devotional for camp this year.  I thought about my topic for a while before camp and put it together the morning I gave it.  I did make super heroes eye masks to hand out and also these candies.  What do masks and this strawberry candy have to do with each other?  I'm glad you asked!
We discussed why super heroes wear masks sometimes and that it's a good thing.  We talked about a gel mask that you can refrigerate and use on your eyes to reduce puffiness - that's a really good thing!  Then we talked about another mask, one they may have seen someone wear.  Have you ever run into someone that seems all sweet and polite to your face, then says or does something really mean to you?  They are wearing a "fake" mask of kindness.  We talked about how hurtful that can be, how we need to be kind in all ways.  Then I showed them the candy and asked what was inside each piece - strawberry filling in a strawberry candy.  I talked about how we need to be like the candy.....the inside matches the outside.  That we strive to be kind and loving inside and it shows in how we treat one another.  I hope this candy will always remind them of this lesson.  (I think tonight's FHE lesson just wrote itself!!!)

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La Famille B said...

How lucky are they to have you. What a great devotional and all the cute things you did at your vacation, um hem, camp! So glad you got to go and had a great time!