Thursday, July 28, 2011


With less than 8 weeks of summer, it really does fly by fast!
Introducing....Colton our Sophomore!
(SOPHOMORE....when did that happen?!?  It goes by too fast.  And sadly, all I can think of when I say Sophomore is a line from Sixteen Candles "sophomore, dude, sophomore.  Fully aged sophomore meat")
 As scary as it is to have a's been much more emotional to have my second son be a 7th grader!!!!!  It took me by surprise (don't know how since I shopped with him, filled out his paperwork and took him to the school to shadow a 7th grader last spring) when he came into the kitchen in his uniform.  Don't tell Asher, but I even cried after I dropped him off at school!!!!!  (and yes, I'm fully aware I have frames above the chalkboard with no photos....maybe that could be a project for me this weekend?!?)
 Finally my baby!  He's already in 2nd grade and look at how serious he is!
 That is until we let him hold Asher's mace.  I'm just thankful that our arsenal of weapons is mainly made by nerf!  Wasn't I just at girls camp making friendship bracelets, flying sock monkeys and decorating paper mache letters?  Now I'm back home with boys and weapons!
Here's to a successful school year!


Jen Hakes said...

Best of luck! I love your chalk board! I'm sure I'll be tearing up over someone this fall. Thank goodness for girls camp to get a little balance in your life :)

La Famille B said...

A sophmore! That is unbelievable! Good luck with this school year!