Monday, July 25, 2011


In an effort (late effort) to have the kids get their well check BEFORE starting school, we decided to see a different doctor.  Our Dr. (Dr. Burke) is always busy and wouldn't be able to see the boys in time, but she has many associates and they are all wonderful too.  So I made the appointment and we went to visit Dr. Namjoshi.  He was really nice and thought Kyler was hilarious.  Here he was getting his blood pressure taken.  The nurse warned him it might not be comfortable, he looked at her with no expression and said "I'm 7, I think I can handle it."  Kyler was making us all laugh that morning.  
A couple more highlights of the visit.  Kyler left a sample in the bathroom and asked if he could keep his urine when they were done.  He told the nurse before she measured his height that he grows 2 inches everyday.  The best was when the doctor had to check his boy parts.  The Dr. counted - "one, two, you've got both of them" to which Kyler replied "Really, I could have done that!"  Dr. Namjoshi couldn't stop laughing and thinks Kyler's "trending to be an attorney, he's got a answer for EVERYTHING!"  That's when Kyler said "I'm not going to be an attorney, I'm going to HAVE an attorney!"  I don't doubt this!!! (just hope I won't be paying for it!)


Jen Hakes said...

Can you even imagine what life without your baby would be like? He is such a gut busting life of the party!

La Famille B said...

He is too funny. Really, you can only blame yourself for that!