Monday, July 4, 2011


Summer's in full swing.
Boys are tired and crabby and fighting.
I am wishing for school again.....
until I found a haiku I wrote during last semester.
Ash procrastinates
Frustration sets in with Mom
Do homework now please
Summer fighting vs. Homework frustration....
Which to choose?!?


Jen Hakes said...

Hope your next haiku is a happy one for mom :) come visit us in the great NW! Lots of fun to be had.

La Famille B said...

Love the haiku! I have heard you talk for years about homework and how it is so hard to get them to do it for 15 minutes and never quite got it until Nick had homework this year. Totally understand. Will take the boredom and fighting with each other instead of fighting with me! Miss you!