Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was able to go to girls camp again - that makes 3 times out of the last 5 girls camps!  We don't have a lot of girls, but they are all wonderful!!!!!  Instead of a hike, we went to the Snowflake Temple. 
 I love the beautiful grounds - waterfalls, grass, trees, benches and flowers.
 Our theme this year was There's No Place Like Home from the Wizard of Oz.  Every day had a theme - Knowledge (the scarecrow), Courage (the cowardly lion), Love (the tin man) and that last day was Home.  I asked if I could give the devotional on Home since I had a great idea for my handout - yes, handouts are that important!!!  I decided to give them each a ruby slipper!  Here's how they came together:  First, buy some clear plastic shoes.  I've seen them at the dollar store for years....but as I finally needed more shoes at the dollar store!  I bought these at JoAnn's craft store - with a coupon!  You can find them in the wedding favor section.
 Second, they needed a base coat of red.  Enter - spray paint!
 Third, after letting them dry overnight, I painted them with regular white glue (Elmer's glue) and then glittered them!  I have LOVED glitter since I was a little girl and I don't think that will ever change!!!  It makes me happy!!!!!!!
 I wish these pictures would have turned out half as good as these shoes!  They were PERFECTION!!!!!!  I packaged them in some little chinese take out boxes I have and they fit perfectly.  I couldn't wait until I could unveil them on the last day.  Finally it was time to give my devotional.  After my talk, I told them I had something to give them and it was already in a "to go" box since we were packing up to leave.  Then I pulled the little glittered shoe from the box and I heard a collective gasp!  They were so cute and LOVED their ruby slipper!  I love serving in Young Womens!!!!!!
 Before you knew it, it was time to hit the road.  It was a first for me to drive in a van with a canoe on top of us!  But I do think it's a perfect "camping" adventure picture.
Thank you, girls camp......There's really no place like home!!!!!


Jen Hakes said...

You always have the best ideas on how to make things extra special. I'm certain your girls love you to death! The slippers are so cute!

La Famille B said...

Those shoes are adorable! I am so glad you could go to camp - as I am sure the girls were too! Love the canoe.

restlessrisa said...

Darling! I think I am going to do this for a girlfriend Halloween party!!! Thanks for the inspiration, and what lucky young women you have :)



Ilene Boyd said...

Wonderful! Will you please post what kind of glue you used on the shoes and also references for your devotional? Thank you so much!

Sunny Dee said...

Pinterest bought me here! I love your ruby slipper project, can you tell me what kind of glitter you used?

Nicole said...

Sunny Dee, I just used regular red glitter from the craft store. ;-)

Sunny Dee said...

Thank you!