Thursday, July 14, 2011


We put out our junk extremely valuable and loved items on the drive way Saturday morning.  The signs were up, the kids were up, we were ready to sell.  It began at 6am (and was probably close to 90 degrees...and humid!)  We had two refrigerators, a range, microwave, TV, light fixture, shower chair, walker, cane, two couches, new DVD player, shoe rack, 6 chairs, curtains & curtain rods, stereo stand and one table full of miscellaneous junk single items.  By 8am we had sold EVERYTHING!!!!!  (Well, not everything on the misc. table, but pretty close!  We only had one little box only 1/3 of the way full to drop at the thrift store)  These were the last items to be picked up and we were HAPPY!  Who ever heard of a 2-hour-everything-sold-garage-sale-in-the-AZ-summer-heat?!?  (one more note before we go down memory lane:  notice how our garage doors are shut......I was so afraid if we kept them open people would want to "shop" in there! I'm cleaning out toys and holiday decorations in there and will have another garage sale in late Sept/early Oct....just waiting on cooler weather)
It sold......OLD YELLER SOLD!!!
The lady that bought it didn't even haggle with the price.
Mita had this yellow sofa special made in the 60's.  She placed it on top of bright, sunshine yellow shag carpet in her living room.  She LOVED it!!!!!  I have spent countless hours sitting here listening to albums like: The Chipmunks Christmas Special, Sonny & Cher, and the Sound of Music.  We have been photographed on or near it almost every Christmas of my life.  When Mita and Papa moved to Gilbert, they could only keep one couch.  Guess which one Mita took.  She ditched the neutral sofa for Old Yeller (new nick name I just made up.....I thought it was appropriate since this couch needed to be put out of it's misery) and never looked back.  Just when I thought no one would love this yellow beast, a woman came by and bought it....without haggling!  She loved the vintage feel (and that it's upholstery had no holes) and snatched it up.  When she came to pick it up later that day, I told her about our Christmas photos with grandkids and eventually great-grandkids on here.  She looked at me and smiled then said "I bet we'll have lots of family photos on here too"  
Mita's couch wasn't going to the was being rescued and was starting a new life, with a new's just like the ending of Toy Story 3 (sniff, sniff)!!!  I love that movie!  
Bolster pillow, I think I'll miss you most of all!
(Wizard of Oz reference)
Thanks for the memories!


michelle rasor said...

you are so cute!!

La Famille B said...

I cant believe you sold our childhood memories! I am so glad someone will love it like we did. I am now sitting here crying, missing you and Mita too!

Jen Hakes said...

I'll miss that old thing too. It was a rather shabby chic piece. What a huge blessing to be done in two hours with your garage sale. Most people wait all day for the hum of an engine to pull in and actually get out and browse. I'm one of those slowly drive by and see if it's worth it to get out of my car kind of garage salers.

jachakes said...

Goodbye Yellow Couch!