Saturday, May 23, 2009


Kyler turns 5!!!  It's a very exciting birthday for him since he'll be able to go to school with Asher now.  He wanted to have a huge party and I didn't want to.....solution: we did "mini" parties.  I sent him to school with little goodie bags and we called that his first birthday party.  That night we invited his friend Kevin over to have cake and Jean-Jacques ended up having his kids which made party #2 well attended.  Then on Friday he had a play date with his friend Andrew.  I sent him with two goodie bags and party #3 was complete!  I would like to be done with his mini parties, but we have a pinata in the closet that needs to be torn apart.  Maybe party #4 could be our next FHE. Spoiled, spoiled little boy!


La Famille B said...

I love the idea of mini parties! I often do them for myself! You are such a fun mom.

Ginger said...

Cute boys! (A smile can sure hide the devious nature that lurks behind - at least in Kevin's case).