Thursday, May 28, 2009


Years and years ago....when my parents were young (I know, I'm so witty) they were friends with the Riggs' family. Fast forward to when I was four and my parents bought a home in the same neighborhood as the Riggs (the next street over). Jean-Jacques and I grew up playing with their kids....mainly Tami and Stevie (sure he's Steve now, but then he was Stevie). Well, as life moves on, kids grow up and move away - or in my case, parents move away! We saw them once in a blue moon until Tami and I became friends on Facebook. We've chatted for a month or two and finally our opportunity to visit was here. Her three kids just finished school yesterday and wanted to eat at Joe's BBQ - just two miles away from us! We planned to meet for dinner and on the way I told my kids what the connection was with this family and that I hoped they would get along with her kids. Afterall, it's become a family tradition!!! Getting along was an understatement! They had bonded so quick that when we left Joe's, Asher quickly ushered Christopher into our van. They thought they could hide him in the way back and apparently they were going to play all night! Then they tried to hide Asher in their car! All of the kids had a great time and I can't wait to get them together again. Maybe next week, when my kids are out of school, we could go out to Phoenix for some Manuel's Mexican Food and another trip down memory lane! Today I'm just happy to report that the third generation of friends have bonded!

Christopher, Asher, Ethan and Ryleigh
Ethan....those eyes are so adorable. I know that little boys don't like to hear that they are adorable and cute, but I couldn't help myself. Sorry, Ethan!

Ryleigh....she's her mom's mini me! It kind of freaked me out!!!

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La Famille B said...

How fun! I am so glad they got along fabulously! That really is a special bond.