Thursday, May 21, 2009


Mother's Day 2009, the fourteenth I've been blessed to celebrate since Colton's arrival.    Tony started things a little early with this beautiful white and purple floral arrangement on Saturday.  Then he went out with some friends to the movies that night (left me at home, but I talked with other abandoned moms that night and we decided we would go to the movies the night before Father's Day!)  Sunday morning I was awoken by a little boy saying "Mom, did you buy the cereal I wanted."  I told him that I would be going back to sleep and next time he could wake me and wish me a Happy Mother's Day, FIRST.  I pretended to be asleep and he woke me again and said "BUT MOM, DID YOU REALLY GET MY CEREAL!"  That sums up Mother's day this year.  I did have cards from my sweet boys.  Kyler planted a flower in a pot decorated with ladybugs (his thumbprint) all over it.  And don't forget the yummy box of See's candy (Ok, I waited in line for an hour and bought it myself on Saturday)  The best part of this Mother's Day is the fact that I have 3 wonderful boys and feel blessed to have them each and every day. (Well that and I don't have any expectations on Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas, etc. and so whatever they do is great - Plus buying your own See's Candy doesn't hurt!)

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La Famille B said...

See's candy! I should have thought of that. I think the best Mother's Day present is if your kids still want to talk to you and be near you.