Monday, May 25, 2009


With several days 100 degrees or hotter, we thought it would be best to stop park day for the summer.  Then for the last park day we decided to go to Espee Park and enjoy the splash pad.  Aside from all the shaded tables being reserved, it was a great time.  Kyler loved the water and playing with ALL the kids there.  Is there anyone he couldn't befriend?  As I thought about it being the last park day of the season, I realized something.  IT'S KYLER'S LAST PARK DAY!!!  He will be in all-day Kindergarten soon.  We're done with Friday Park Days.  We're done with visits to the zoo during the week.  We're done with morning playdates.  I'm sure after the summer break I'll be ready to send everyone back to school, but I'm going to miss having my little boy with me in the morning.  Who will help me unload the dishwasher?  Who will take out the recycling?  Who will get the newspaper?  But then I thought....Who will watch Spongebob all morning? NOT I, said the mother.  Who will play video games all morning? NOT I, said the mother.  Who will leave their toys ALL over the house?  NOT I, said the mother.  Who will eat their lunch in peace and quiet?  I WILL, said the mother.  Who will take time to breathe during the day?  I WILL, said the mother.  Who will walk through her house to listen to the quiet?  I WILL, said the mother.  AND SHE DID! (Ok, she will!)  Until July 27th, we will look forward to many more visits to Espee Park....summer here we come!


The Austin Gurneys said...

That Little Red Hen is awesome. Gotta be my favorite kid's story, serves 'em right for not helping! I'd eat the bread all by myself too. ;)

Congrats on having all the kidlets in school, enjoy the freedom! (and the summer) :)

La Famille B said...

Wow! All day kindergarten. That is crazy. But how nice for you! And he will love school!