Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Austin and the boys in their new hats....can you see the "Y" in the background

Austin taking the boys to the cafeteria.  We met a few of his friends here.

Austin getting ready to give us a tour of the campus....Kyler LOVES his uncle!
The boys after running down and up LOTS of very steep stairs on campus.
The boys #1 reason to go to Utah.....Xbox 360!  They loved visiting Austin's apartment.
All the boys in front of the Conference Center.
The Salt Lake City Temple from our vantage point at the Conference Center.
Austin and his girlfriend, Mashaela.  They're so cute.  As I was trying to get their picture, Kyler kept walking into the frame.  I finally let him pose with them.  Kyler told Mashaela, "My dad thinks you're cute.  I don't.  I think you're AWESOME!"  
Saying goodbye to Uncle Austin who will be mission bound this summer.
We wanted to visit my youngest brother before he leaves on a mission this summer.  We thought it would be easier to get to Utah than Minnesota and schedules opened up to go on Easter weekend.  We drove up on Thursday and didn't come home until Monday.  It was such a great trip!  Before we left I thought about the times I visited Austin in Minnesota and the fun I had with him.  I was so looking forward to spending time with him.....but wait.......I have 3 boys and a husband that apparently got in line first!  I did get time to talk to Austin, but the 3 boys demanded and got most of the attention - as it should be!  They are just crazy about their Uncle Austin and had tons of fun with him.  Friday we ate lunch on campus and then Austin gave us a quick tour.  With Colton now a teenager, Austin took him to his biology class on Friday.  Colton loved this experience and even thanked me for putting him in the school he's in!  Colton lost his video recorder, The Flip on campus.  After searching the bookstore and biology class, they went to the Lost in Found and it was there!  Austin bragged about how no other college campus would have had it returned....not even BYU-ID! (Austin's words, not mine.  Austin, all I can say is "I'M TELLING AUDRA AND CATHERINE!")  On Saturday Austin took the boys to see the Provo Temple and then we went to Salt Lake City to visit the Temple and Conference Center.  I took lots of photos of the flowers, but everyone was too hungry to do much at Temple Square.  We found an Olive Garden and enjoyed a great lunch.  After a quick stop at the Distribution Center we headed back to Provo, but not before visiting Mashaela at her work - Paradise Bakery!  After getting cookies for everyone we went back to Austin's apartment for more Xbox 360.  Easter morning we went to Austin's apartment and I made belgian waffles for everyone (Yes, I brought my belgian waffle maker with us!)  Then the whole family (Jean-Jacques got into town Saturday) went to Austin's freshman BYU ward.  As I looked around the chapel, I realized that Tony and I were old enough to be everyone's parents!  (moans........we're so old!)  We had a quiet afternoon and then we joined up with Mashaela and went to have our Easter feast at Outback Steakhouse.  It was so good!  After some more video games and the passing on of the Xbox from Uncle to Nephews, it was time to say goodbye.  I know I'll always remember this great weekend and I'm sure my boys will too!  Everyone wants to follow their uncles example and attend BYU.  Austin, Thanks for a great Easter Weekend!


La Famille B said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. I am glad Austin is setting such a wonderful example for your boys.

jachakes said...

So much fun!

Ginger said...

Looks like a fun trip!

Arizona Arnolds said...

How great for your boys, for Austin and for you!
I feel just like he does, BYU is a singular experience. I just hope ONE of my kids can get in there!