Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Doesn't he look happy?!?  We were busy with little projects around the house this particular Saturday.  That night we would be busy as well with our kids and their cousins having a pizza & movie night.  Leaving 9 kids alone in the house so we could go on date night was NOT going to happen, so we decided to stop what we were doing and go out to lunch.  Since we were going to be back home soon finishing projects, we just got in the car and left.  We love Joe's BBQ and haven't been there for awhile, so we travelled the whole two miles to get there and YUM!  As we sat down I decided to capture this moment on film.....this is the best of the three shots - he looks really happy in this one (relatively speaking)  Then I looked lovingly into my eternal husbands eyes and said "You know, if you don't talk to me, THIS WON'T COUNT AS A DATE!"  He quickly shook off his day dreaming dust and attempted conversation.  I know what you're saying...."HOW DO WE KEEP THE SPARK ALIVE AFTER 20 YEARS!"  Well, I'll tell you.....DATE NIGHT!  But that brings me to my our lives (and especially the lives of our kids) gets busier, we may need to start having a DATE DAY.  (I don't like this name and will improve upon it later)  Maybe lunch on Wednesday (Tony doesn't work that day) or a lunch on Saturday - you know the best part about this?  We don't have to fight the crowds of the young whippersnappers in the evening AND lunch is cheaper than dinner!!!  HELP!!! I think we just turned into.........OUR PARENTS!!!!!


The Austin Gurneys said...

If you have to get a babysitter like us it reduces your overhead, although I'm guessing you're out of the babysitter stage if you have a 13 yr old (jealous!). Either way, I say take what you can get. ;)

Happy belated b-day to Kyler too, hope he had an excellent day!

La Famille B said...

I think date day is a wonderful idea! How fun!