Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok, so I'm really, really, really behind on posting.  I will catch up on the past month this week, starting with my nieces and nephews.  From left to right: Sofia - 10, Jean-Jacques II - 8, Ruslan - 8, Sariah - 10, Joseph - 7 and Michael - 11 (celebrating Sariah's birthday with a cake their dad made)  We do call the kids by their names, but when talking about all of them it's just THE COUSINS.  The cousins are going to visit tomorrow night, the cousins invited you for a movie, etc.  It's been really fun to have The Cousins over more and to see how everyone gets along so well.  I have so many fond memories growing up with my cousins.  The best part is that I'm still making fond memories with them!  

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Nicole said...

My favorite part of the photo is Jean-Jacques who can't contain his desire fo the cake!