Monday, May 25, 2009


Kyler's last day of preschool.  Mrs. Gill (aide) is giving the boys a spiderman placemat.  You can see Kyler gestering his excitement - he thought he hit the jackpot!  Mrs. Villescaz (teacher) is sitting next to Kyler.  He's going to miss these two wonderful teachers.
After the gifts were passed out, they were off to get their backpacks - for the last time.  I've been so excited to get him into Kindergarten, that I never really thought how this day would feel.  Your baby's last day of preschool is SAD!  He's learned so much over the past two years.  I can't thank the teachers enough!  So here's one more big THANK YOU to Mrs. Villescaz (this year's teacher), Mrs. Gill (aide for two years) and Mrs. Barclay (last year's teacher)!!! 

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