Thursday, December 1, 2011


Tonight was a busy night!  The Annual Tamale Dinner at Colton and Asher's school and the Relief Society Progressive Dinner.  Tony took the boys to enjoy tamales, beans, rice, chips & salsa.  They even had pinatas after the meal and Kyler was so happy to beat it open.  He came home with tons of candy, we could barely close the gallon bag!  Of course we have no photos, but this was earlier today when we picked the boys up.  Kyler wanted to read on the stairs and all was well until he heard the footsteps....
 then he moved his little booty as fast as he could out of the path of the Jr. High herd!
Our RS dinner was very delicious and very fun!  It was a great opportunity to wear my blinged out necklace from Audra's wedding.  The RS gave us advent candles as a gift to light and read a scripture each night with our family.  I joked with my friends that I would light the candle every night as I slipped into a bubble bath, but as soon as I got home the whole family gathered to light the candle and read the scripture.  We even read a short Christmas story after that and they opened the first window in their chocolate advent.  We were on such a roll that we all jumped in the van and drove around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. 
 Just before bed Kyler needed this photo taken.  I'm not sure what he's he an angel? is he the ruler? is he just 7?
It was a great start to our 25 Days of Christmas!

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Jen Hakes said...

I can imagine the sheer panic of the possiblitly of getting bulldozed by a heard of wild middle schoolers!