Sunday, December 25, 2011


Busy, Busy, Busy would describe our household during the 23rd and 24th Days of Christmas.  We've been preparing for the 60 relatives that will grace our home on Christmas Eve.  The kids were so excited (so were the parents!) for our 12th and final day of Secret Santa on the 23rd.  We were at a White Elephant game with cousins and came home to 12 Drummers Drumming and Drumsticks! I was hoping to find out who our Secret Santa was...but no such luck.  The past 12 days with our Secret Santa spoiling us was so much fun.  
 We pushed forward with final preparations for our Christmas Eve Extravaganza 2011! and had the Best Christmas Eve ever!!!!  All 60 guests arrived and it was spectacular!  Lots of food & treats, kids & laughter, and my favorite - adult conversation.  We had two baby Jesus's this year and Emily put two nativities side by side for our program.  I don't know who's more excited for the play - the kids or the adults.  Great job to all the great-grandkids!  After our home cleared of nearly all our guests, we had a knock at the door.  Who could it be?!?  ANOTHER SECRET SANTA!!!  They dropped a  gift at our door - a huge container of cookies & creme ice cream, a gift card and a card from...
Whoever you are.....THANK YOU!  I don't know why you chose our family to spoil rotten, but we're glad you did.  It meant so much that you thought of us.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I just wanted to share Kyler's preparations for Santa.  He wrote two notes to put on the fridge for Santa.  The first one reads...
 We gave you the milk not that you deserved but the one you needed. The cookies are on the table.  From: Kyler To: Santa  (it's from some Batman thing) and the second note says...
From: Kyler 
To: Santa
Your milk is in the fridge.
Don't open the freezer!
Then he took all the glow sticks he could find (thanks Jacquelen!!!) and wrote this message on the family room floor.
I can't wait to see what Santa does as a response!
I was inspired by Kyler's glowing message and took a couple photos of decorations that glow. 

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