Friday, December 16, 2011


On the 15th day I ventured to.......THE MALL!  Shocking for me since I rarely go shopping.  Mall shopping is even rarer still, but I had a store to visit and it was here.  I had my shopping buddy with me, Mister Kyler Man....doesn't he look happy?!?  As we were leaving the mall he said he couldn't wait until he was rich and he could live the food court.  Go, Kyler!
 After our 3rd Day of Secret Santa Kyler asked me what the song said for the 4th day.  I'm sure he wanted to venture a guess on what the next's day gift would be.  Well, I told him 4 calling birds and then said "Calling birds.....I think they're going to give us a cell phone!!!!!!"  (big joke since we don't have a cell phone and no one can understand this concept)  Kyler said...."they'll give us FOUR!  I call one!!!"  I quickly let him know I was kidding and we would not be receiving cell phones as a Secret Santa gift.  Evening came and so did the ring of the doorbell.  What could it be?!?
 A gorgeous bird calendar!
(and claimed it for my scrap room)
 Here's a quick look at the years pictures.
 Tony and I put together our first snowman today.  It will be Tony's holiday decoration for his desk.
We call it Desert Snowman!
Do you see his hat, carrot nose, coal eyes and buttons floating around? (Well, we think we're funny!)

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Jen Hakes said...

What a cool calendar! And yes you are funny!