Tuesday, December 6, 2011


First, the other day I looked outside and saw "snow" falling down.  Tons of tiny little leaves were blowing off the trees and off my rooftop.   I wish I could have captured it better than this. (I NEED A NEW CAMERA!) Anyways, Roscoe was going crazy and had to run out in them.  It was so cute! 
Roscoe's head looks a little small....we're in the middle of grooming him (always at least a three part process) and only the fur on his head was trimmed up.  You should see how skinny his little legs look now!
 Even he gives me the look like, "really....another photo"
 Here's his new tie....love the psycho stink eye.
Second, it's FREE SNO DAY!!!!!!!  Bahama Bucks is giving away a free 12 oz. shaved ice to everyone that shows up.  I'm so there!!!!!  We don't even care that our high will be 54 degrees with a low of 29....it's FREE SNO!!!!!  And sooooo delicious!!!!!  We just found out about them this summer and have eaten a lot of sno since then.  I've even shared it with you here.  Well, if you're in Arizona, make sure you go and get some FREE SNO!!!!!!!  (you're welcome!)


Jen Hakes said...

I can't believe it snowed! My poor mother is visiting my sister in Connecticut and is devistated she missed it! What a lucky week for you!

Jen Hakes said...

For some reason I confused leafing for snowing. The clouds totally looked like snow. Ignore my first comment.