Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm thankful that they'll be over today!!!
I think I'm more nervous for my kids then I ever was for myself.  By 12:30 today, Colton and Asher will be on Christmas Break and Kyler will join us by 2:40.  I'll be so happy to be done with textbooks, homework and studying for a little bit...not to mention the driving! Well, there will be a lot of driving still....Colton has his driver's permit and volunteers to drive ALL THE TIME!  I'm sure he'll get many opportunities during the next couple of weeks.  The next thing I want to share is....
We have been so spoiled this holiday season!  We have a great Secret Santa and everyone loves the anticipation of our nightly gift. I also had a visit from our Relief Society Presidency.  They brought this beautiful basket!  Thank you for making my night, ladies!
 It was full of apples, oranges and cuties with some lemon "muddy buddys" and M&M's. I don't know what I could have done to deserve such a gift, THANK YOU!
 And what did our Secret Santa think of for 9 Ladies Dancing.....and iTunes gift card and big sparklers!!!!
Merry 20th Day of Christmas!!!!!

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