Friday, December 23, 2011


We're enjoying such a wonderful Christmas season over here!  It's been full of family, friends and fun!!!!  The boys have been so busy with school and once they finished Wednesday we've been going full blast it's hard to stop and blog.  We've had a white elephant party, Bounce U with cousins, just hangin' out, lunch to Blue Adobe and we visited the court house, and that's just the last 48 hours!  My cousin and her husband were blessed to finalize the adoption of their three little kiddos on Thursday.  It was so sweet and I really appreciated being there and thinking of our own special adoption day seven days ago.  
The 11th Day of Christmas brought us hot cocoa packets with candy canes!
 Don't worry, I didn't forget about the 10th Day of Secret Santa....we got this cool shaped puzzle.  I'm going to set up my 4 foot table to work on it after Christmas.
I'll post soon about the 23rd Day of Christmas and our final day of Secret Santa.  We're busy with preparations for our big Christmas Eve family celebration.  We our hosting 60 people this year.....that's right.....SIXTY!!!!!  28 Kids and 32 Adults.
Merry 21st & 22nd Days of Christmas!

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