Thursday, December 1, 2011


I can't wait to start the 25 days of Christmas tonight....but for now, I'm going to post a few random things.  Here goes...
 My Halloween Banner.
I finally finished it this year.  Isn't it so cute on the piano!
 A closer view...
 and even closer!
While I was busy getting a little work done, Colton kept himself entertained.
It's really killing me that he's growing up so fast.....he's much taller than me now.
Oh these two!  They are very lively...and very loud.  
Kyler wants to be just like his EVERY way!  Colton and Asher have been getting more lectures than normal lately and Kyler didn't want to be left out.  As I asked him to pick something up he said "Stop, Puncturing Me!"  I told him that the word he was looking for was "lecture", he let me know that he wanted the word to start with a "P".  OK, then.  
Then the other day Kyler kept feeling the skin under his arm.  When I asked what he was doing he replied, "Just feeling the hair under my arms"  I told him he didn't have hair under his arm, he was very bold about letting me know he did and invited me to feel.  I did and let him know that was dry skin, he replied "no, it's dead hair"  What is he going to come up with next?!?
 Well, I bid you goodbye from the House of Steve.
Tonight will start the 25 Days of Christmas!
 Hopefully they won't all be as humiliating as this!
Don't you love when even your dog looks embarrassed.  Poor Roscoe!

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Jen Hakes said...

Roscoe looks so cute! There aren't any outfits big enough for our pooch.