Sunday, December 11, 2011


I love weekends!  When I think of weekends, I think TIME.....I don't know why though.  Time flies by too fast.  I can spend more time driving kids all over on Saturday then on a school day.  Then Sunday night rolls around and I can't wait for everyone to go back to work/school and I can have some TIME!  This weekend was all about the Christmas decorations.  Sure we put the outdoor lights up and had the nativities set up, but nothing else.  Kyler was very concerned about this.  After church he asked if we could put up our tree and when I said yes, he jumped up and down with pure joy.  I love that boy and his joy!!!  This year I put Kyler in charge of the tree.  He was so happy and went right to work bossing everyone around.  His favorite ornaments are the ones from 2004 to now.  He only likes the ones he's represented in, like this one.  This ornament was our family ornament from 2004 with our new baby Kyler.  (my favorite family ornament is with our whole family as polar bears....and one of us is decapitated...Kyler must have been a toddler, I always have decapitated decorations when my kids are toddlers!)
 Here's Kyler's tree!
I wish my kids would like to be in charge of others laundry!
Merry 10th & 11th Days of Christmas!

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Jen Hakes said...

All of Savannah's horse ornaments are legless so we completely understand that. Time? What time? See you soon!