Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I think I've found my MOST FAVORITE tradition...
Getting a massage!!!!!!
I had such a relaxing afternoon getting pampered and my mom was even able to join me.  Neither of us wanted to do anything afterwards.  Thankfully we were excited to move on to the next treat...
It's the most delicious shaved ice and it was FREE!!! (yes, dad....it's my favorite word right now!)  I had 1/2 coconut cream pie and 1/2 strawberry daquiri with creme on it.  DELICIOUS!  (I think mom had black cherry and raspberry with creme)  I even ran into lots of friends while I was there.  When I got home I discovered Tony and the boys missing.  About 20 minutes later they walked in with their Bahama Bucks!
We seem to be all over the place today.  Tony picked up the boys for me, Kyler was at a friends for part of the afternoon, we went to Bahama Buck's separately and now Asher's seeing a performance of The Wizard of Oz with his friend's family.  I wish that it was a rare occurrence around here...but it's not.  Tomorrow the boys going in different directions for Scouts.  (side note: Colton just received the Save the Date for Prom in April.......and he'll be 16 and could really go if he wanted to.......I'M NOT READY FOR THIS!)  
Merry 6th Day of Christmas!

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Ginger said...

mmmmm, bahama bucks.