Sunday, December 18, 2011


The 17th Day of Christmas was busy (which day isn't busy?!?).  We started with a Ward Christmas Party, then helped a woman move and Tony and I were back to a little elf duty. Our Secret Santas came with a gift for six geese a laying.....6 eggs (from a hen, not a goose) and this book.  So true!
 Sometimes I feel just like this!!!
 Today was the 18th Day of Christmas (and our 7th Day of Secret Santa).  We had an enjoyable time at church: a missionary farewell and my farewell with several of my nursery kids.  I can't believe they'll be in Sunbeams on the 1st.  I think I'll like the smaller nursery, but I'm really going to miss those 3 year olds!  The kids were really anticipating Secret Santa tonight...especially since it was a quiet afternoon.  What could it be?!?
 A Pre-built Gingerbread House Kit!!!!!
Secret Santa....YOU ROCK!!!!!
This was on my list of things to do with the kids this year.  We're going to decorate this for FHE tomorrow night and CHECK! We're marking this off the list!!!
 Even Roscoe's excited about this!
Merry 17th & 18th Days of Christmas!!!


La Famille B said...

that book is too funny. your boys are so grown up. they look handsome in their new shirts. i'll live in the food court with kyler! your secret santa does rock!

Heather said...

Love following along with you on your adventures. Thanks for updating us and keep it coming, we're still here. :)