Saturday, December 17, 2011


Every year when we go to see the Temple Lights, I always check out the nativity display in the visitor center.  Every year it's crowded....way crowded....and I'm trying to look and enjoy it, but my boys are dragging their feet complaining that they want to go.  A few days ago I had a brilliant idea....go to the nativity display during the day when they're at school.  (seriously....why did it take so long to figure that one out!)  That's just what I did on Friday.  It was so peaceful...and quick!  I think I might have to check it out again on Monday, just because I can.  This one is from Italy and was displayed on a huge table with a beautiful backdrop in place.
 I love seeing all the different mediums, like this leather one.
 This one is too cute with all the kids performing the nativity.  I think I need to make one like this of all the grandkids. 
 Friday was also the night of the Winter Dance for Colton and Asher.  Neither of these teenagers would let me take their photo earlier, so I snapped away in the car on the way there!
I think they looked great!  Mamita spoiled them with the new shirts for the dance.  It was the first time I got them out clothes shopping without a complaint.  They must be growing up!  Now onto Secret Santa.....5 GOLDEN RINGS meant a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts!  We are all loving this Secret Santa...THANK YOU!!!!!
File:Krispy Kreme glazed donuts 2.JPG
Random note:  Tony and I checked out a Goodwill (it's a 50% off day after all) and I found this craft.  An advent for your dog!!!!  I think Roscoe needs this next year.  The only problem....he doesn't like dog biscuits!!!  If we filled it with human food, he'd be thrilled.  We'll see.
Merry 16th Day!

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Jen Hakes said...

I love everything in this post! The boys look so handsome, the donuts are perfect, and I'm loving that dog advent calendar. Fun!!! See you really really soon!