Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Santa was here!
He even wrote a message to Kyler with the glow sticks..
Thanks Kyler
 Love Santa
 He also drank most of the milk Kyler left him....
 and most of the cookies!
(Kyler has a white air head in his mouth - Santa brought him that in his stocking)
After church, the boys opened their three gifts each and their stockings and then went to Mamita's garage to find a gift to share.  A basketball hoop!
 Kyler even got a jr. basketball....I think it might bounce better if he took it out of the package!
This dish is becoming a Christmas Day Tradition.  Homemade Chicken Teriyaki!!!!!  Delish!
 This is how the boys spent Christmas afternoon and games.
 This isn't the picture I had in mind when I bought their pajamas!

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