Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Is it considered eavesdropping if we're all in the van?  I was taking this cute boy and three of his friends to football practice and team photos.  They were deep in know, how high they can jump, what super hero they identify with, how awesome they are, little boy conversation.  All of a sudden, Kevin made the announcement "I'm famous".  He then explained that he had his photo taken at school and now they were going to take his photo at football.  He finished with restating the obvious "I'm kind of famous now."  LOVE!

Stranded.......I filled the gas tank today at Costco.  Then the van didn't start.  My teenagers rolled it to a parking spot and called Tony.  Then we shopped.  We ate a late lunch.  We waited for help.  Tony saved the day.  I came home and took a nap!  Van=no love  Nap=LOVE!!!!!

Finally.....the secret rendezvous (is it still a secret if I blog about it?)  Youngest boy is gone for the night.  Older boys will be at scouts.  Impromptu date night at home....WITH NO KIDS!   LOVE, LOVE!!!
(I was busy painting today....hopefully a project can be completed tomorrow!)
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