Friday, October 26, 2012


It's not easy to slow down and be in the moment, but that's what I chose for today.  I spent the morning with my husband who isn't feeling well.  Then I was able to go to a park to visit with my friends.  It was just what I needed.
 After picking up kids for school, we all decided to stay outside and play with the neighbors.  Asher even got some bike riding in.
 Colton opted to rest....well, that was after chasing a two year old.
 Here's the two year old and her one year old sister.
 Truthfully, Aubrey was chasing Colton first, then they reversed roles.
 I had to leave our cul-de-sac to take my youngest and his friends to football practice.  This team is really coming together!
While Kyler was practicing, I enjoyed the time to reorganize my thoughts and read a little bit.
Giving myself time to just be was Utopia!
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