Sunday, October 28, 2012


Fall brings lots of holidays that are full of traditions. In addition to the holidays, we have a fall tradition at church - the Primary Program.  The kids (ages 3-12) sing songs and everyone has a speaking part.  I've always enjoyed watching the Primary Program. (I just didn't realize that it would always make me cry as a parent!)  I'm proud of Kyler for getting up on the stand and singing all the songs.  He also did a great job delivering his part (even though he wouldn't memorize it).  They asked for the adults to comment on the performance and they would read the comments to the children during Primary.  Well, Tony and I let our 16 year-old write the review.  This is what Colton had to say:
Where do I begin?  This program was stellar!  An aging, over-the-top franchise, the Primary Program has been active since the beginnings of the church.  This time, an all-star cast is assembled, along with fresh new faces such as Joey Knight who provided well-timed comic relief, and for once in my life I see a Primary Program revitalized and ready for more.  2013, here I come!
Colton A. Stock, critic/reviewer from Church Events Weekly
P.S. Kyler was so adorable.
Kyler was so embarrassed since they read Colton's review comments, even the P.S.  Thank you, Kyler for another great program!
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CBaxter said...

Kyler turned completely pink when it was announced that he is "adorable"! I should have snapped a pic for you. He really did do a great job, all those boys were singing their hearts out, I was proud of them too.