Tuesday, October 2, 2012


OK...so a big part of Reclaiming my Suburban Utopia is making sure that I'm surrounded by what I truly love.  Nearly 13 years ago, we moved our little family (our first two sons were just 3 & 1) into our second home.
(in our first house with our first two sons)
The whole house was white.  When I say white, I mean white walls, white carpet, white tile, white faucets, and white washed cabinets!  I was very optimistic and saw it all as a blank canvas.  I couldn't wait to make our new home my own.  Lots of work went into painting and decorating.  Little by little rooms were completed and it made me happy.  Then life gets more complicated.  Kids get older and busier.
(my three monkeys saying goodbye to my grandma's yellow couch)
Suddenly, decorating is the last thing on my mind.  Even when I get excited about a project, I generally run out of time or energy to get it done.  Don't get me wrong, I really like my home, but I feel like it's time to change things up a bit.  And really it's the little changes that make a huge difference.  A recent example of this was my hallway of family photos.  I was getting very tired of it and it didn't make me happy.  That's because, despite having two teenagers, in my hallway - no one had reached puberty yet!  I quickly shot some photos of the boys and updated their frames.  That little change was all it needed.  Which brings me to this print.

I really liked this back in 1993.  The next year we found out we were expecting and three months later, I had a miscarriage.  My husband came home one night and surprised me with the print.  It meant a lot to me, that he was thinking of me and trying to help me through that difficult time.  I really couldn't imagine ever getting rid of it, but lately it doesn't make me happy.  Solution:  Fill it with something I love.....how about LOVE. 
You may recognize couples from scriptures, movies and TV.  What makes it more special to me, I added my grandparents to the list! Stanley & Juliette (my maternal grandparents) and Grant & Ruth (my paternal grandparents) have all passed away and I love that they're included here.  I can't wait to get it printed and in the frame.  It's only Day 3, but I'm quickly realizing that my Suburban Utopia is in the little details.
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La Famille B said...

I love the subway print! That is awesome! I understand about decorating and making you happy. I still have some 80s light fixtures that I swore I would replace 9 years ago and they are still there. That is my first to do when I get back.