Monday, October 15, 2012


15 Days in and I remember why I stopped doing projects around the house!  (breathe in, breathe out)  I'm OK now and I'll keep going forward with my planned projects.  (baby step through 31 days)  Only one thing matters today though.....that's my son, Asher!  He's 14.......FOURTEEN!!!!  Let's take a walk down memory lane. (cue "Memories" from Barbra Streisand)
Asher's blessing day.  He was only 2 weeks old!
 This is my all-time-favorite photo of him as a small child.
Gotta love his Elmo jacket!
 Christmas Day 2004 - age 6
 His 7th Birthday.....half a lifetime ago to him.
 Asher's best dessert!
He loves making M&M Brownies!  He made two batches for our family dinner last night.  DELISH!
 I loved this.  My boys aren't allowed to play video games on Sunday.  Notice the clock, it's three minutes after midnight.  As soon as it was Monday, they turned the games on and starting celebrating Asher's Birthday.
 To add to the fun, I bought lots of Halloween candy for the kids to enjoy.  (When they're empty, does it mean it's time to go back to school........please!)
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Jen Hakes said...

Hope you had a great birthday Asher!