Thursday, October 11, 2012


On Day 3, I talked about the difference a little change can make with how you feel about your surroundings.  Sure, there are the big projects I'd like to tackle, but there are so many little ones that I could get around to if I made them a priority.  For example: EMPTY FRAMES!
 In our bedroom.
(You know you're so totally jealous of my rad stereo (circa 1987!)  Record player on the top, FM radio and DUAL CASSETTE DECKS!!!!!  Yeah, I know how lucky I am!)
 In the hallway....ok, this one technically isn't empty, the photos came with the frame.  My children and other family members harass remind me all the time on occasion that we don't know these people.
 Empty frames aren't new for me.  I hung empty frames up on the wall in our first home.  I thought it would embarrass my husband who had promised to fill the frames with art.  It didn't embarrass him and we lived with empty frames for over 3 years!  I even have photos of that wall and would love to show you.  Since the photos were pre-digital cameras, I'm pretty sure you aren't going to see them.  Today I finally ordered some prints online that were ready for pick up around noon.  I was so worried about being stranded at Costco again, so I asked my son to drive and keep the car running while I ran in to get the photos.  (Later this afternoon, I ran to the grocery store and the van wouldn't start again!  Luckily the grocery store is across the street from my home.  I walked home and Tony's working on cars tonight.  Yes, cars (plural)....I don't have the energy to tell you.....serenity now, serenity now!  
I know it's difficult to see a difference here.
 Much better!
The best part:  my oldest came home tonight and started to make a comment about this frame.  I heard him start to speak and then say "What.....wait......that's me.......Hey!.......these photos are of us!!!"  
You're welcome, son.  You're welcome.
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Jen Hakes said...

Serenity now! You make me laugh all the time Nicole. Thank you for that! I am always behind in updating photos. The darn kids just keep changing and unfortunately so do I.