Friday, October 5, 2012


Good Morning!
Now to begin to share my love affair with dishes and tablescapes.  I'm getting so excited to look at my inventory of plates, glasses, flatware, place card holders, salt & pepper shakers, and other accessories I have stashed in my china cabinet....and the garage - shelves and shelves in the garage!
What a wonderful way to start the day, fun dishes!  I love the mini gravy boat.  I filled this one with warm syrup.  I love the pumpkin place card holder, even though it's camouflaged on my tablecloth.
 I can't wait to do more fall tables.
Chocolate Chip Pancakes - YUM!
 Now, the little prince sits down to eat.  OK....I may or may not have made him pose with the syrup, ready to pour.  Just for the record, he doesn't like syrup on his chocolate chip pancakes.
 This is not posed, he does love chocolate milk. 
 Now that his tummy is full, he's off to a friends for the day.  Thankfully, my boys had a 24 hour sickness and we were all up and about yesterday.  I even had time to try out a grand opening grocery store in our area, Winco.  I've been excited to try them out, especially their bulk bins.  I took my store flyer and went to grab the grand opening specials and then found the bins.  I'm aware this sounds crazy to most, but this was beautiful!  So many items and many with great prices.
 There were pastas, grains, beans, legumes, rice, trail mix, nuts, candy, spices, etc., etc., etc!
 Here are the spices...I picked up some dried parsley for $0.22 (need it to make homemade ranch dressing mix) and around 20 bay leaves for $0.04!  LOVE!
 Dried Mango Slices for $2.97/lb....Yes, Please!
 This aisle made me happy that the boys weren't there.
 I can't wait to decorate for Halloween!!!  I mean, our temps have finally dipped below 100 degrees.  We might not need our a/c running full blast anymore. Now that would really make me happy!
As if my shopping trip and breakfast table wasn't enough, I'm going to lunch today with a cousin.  I can't wait!!!  Till tomorrow.
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