Monday, October 1, 2012


I love candles.  I used to burn them frequently for the ambience.  It was so calming to get home from work and kick back in a candle lit room.  Or bubble baths!  I almost forgot about bubble baths (for me, not the boys!) I loved relaxing in the tub by candle light. Then scented candles became incredibly popular.  My love affair with candles increased.  Then children (three boys, specifically) derailed my love.  The potential hassle and danger greatly overpowered the enjoyment.  I stopped buying candles and burned them less frequently.   Today I decided that I would see what I had and light one as my first step to Reclaiming my Suburban Utopia!
 The five remaining candles in my collection.  Clockwise from Bottom Left: cucumber melon, mystery pecan pie, vanilla, hazelnut cream and pumpkin in the center.
 It's no surprise that my collection is mainly fall scents!
 I forgot about this one, I won it at a baby shower.  Paula Deen's Mystery Pecan Pie.  It smells wonderful, just ask my baby.
 Two of my boys helped light them. (thankfully, they didn't try to light anything else)
 My youngest has seen very few lit candles in our home!
It's already making me feel happy!
 Day 1 is a success!!!  (as long as my boys don't burn the house down)
As I mentioned in my introductory post, we have been a Kleenex free zone for years.  Here's the sad reality - toilet paper!
Yep, two rolls in the family room to help out our allergy suffering family.  The search for the perfect Kleenex box starts this afternoon!
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