Monday, October 8, 2012


OK, so Day 1, I lit some candles. My son dips his fingers in the wax...repeatedly.  Day 2, I organized my working spaces.  Feels like a full-time job keeping my desk space cleared...but I'm working at it.  Day 3 is couples subway art.  Printer is still having issues....maybe it will be printed today so I can frame it.  Day 4 - SICK KIDS.  Enough said.  Day 5 was fun setting my table and shopping at a new store.  It just seems like it's much harder than I anticipated to Reclaim my Suburban Utopia.  That was really frustrating to me - at first.  But I've taken the weekend to reevaluate.  This is my life.  I have 3 boys, 2 dogs and a whole lot of chaos.  That's my norm.  In my quest for my utopia, things are going to get messy, sometimes they may not work out, and somethings might be out of my reach right now. I can give up trying or pick my battles.  I choose to pick my battles.  I'm continuing on this path and I'm going to enlist some help from my boys, starting today!  I'm going to see this series to the 31st day too.  Even though I'm lumping 3 days in this post.  So here's the scoop from my weekend.

We had our General Conference for our church and it included 4 2-hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  I enjoyed watching all the sessions and having my family around me.  I really do love conference and look forward to the next one in April.  One hour after the last conference session on Sunday, my extended family (on my mom's side) comes over for a potluck, everyone brings a salad to share.  This year I brought back the tradition from my childhood of homemade doughnuts.

I found my Mita's recipe and even her doughnut cutter.  My cousins rolled and cut the dough, I fried them and another cousin covered them in either cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar or pumpkin pie spice sugar.  The kids inhaled them and are so happy to have this tradition start for them.  JOY!  I love family.  I love being surrounded by them.  I love sharing traditions.  Sunday night was perfect.  I had aunts & uncles, friends that we consider family, cousins, all of our children (from 4 weeks to 16) visiting, running around, eating.  Best of all, it was my utopia! (I enjoyed making the doughnuts so much, I've decided we need to have friends over to make them again)

Finally, the adventures of this morning.  We're still on fall break and I scheduled all the kids for their dentist visit.  Kyler said our morning prayer and blessed that they wouldn't have any cavities.  I tried to explain that you need to brush and floss to avoid cavities.  He seemed unfazed by this information.  We arrived at the dentist's office, then kids went back and I waited.  When they came back out, I was informed that they did very well and no cavities.  As happy as this makes me, it only furthers Kyler's opinion that a quick prayer before the dentist keeps the cavities away.  Then I was informed that Kyler needs sealants put on two molars.  I went to another desk to set this up when I was told that he would need nitrous for the visit.  WHAT?!?  They need nitrous to brush a little sealant on two teeth.  The woman was confused since she hasn't seen the need for nitrous with sealants before.  She checked with the dentist to see if it was a mistake.  It wasn't a mistake, Kyler doesn't sit still and they would need him to be for the procedure.  I made the appointment and couldn't wait to talk with Kyler in the van.  I asked him if he sat still for the dentist.  That's when Asher piped in with the recounting of the visit.  "Mom, he sits straight up in the middle of the cleaning and starts spitting!"  A mixture of shock, mortification and humor race through my mind.  Humor wins out and I'm struggling to not laugh in front of my kids....especially the spitting one.  I mean, really am I raising a kid or a llama.  Kyler tries to deny and now Colton starts "It's true.  Kyler don't be mad just because we practice responsible dentistry!"  Now I really can't contain my laughter.  Responsible dentistry!  Only Colton!!!  It reminds me of an experience years ago.  Asher had just been potty trained and Colton went in to use the bathroom.  All of a sudden I hear Colton "What is this wetness?!?  What is this wetness on the floor?????"  Then Asher pipes in with "it's pee."  A mortified Colton removes himself and uses my bathroom. 
(the llama)
Here's to another day with my responsible dentistry boys and my llama.  Now I want to watch Emperor's New Groove....silly llama! 
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