Tuesday, October 16, 2012


After this crazy day, I came home day dreaming about falling into bed.  Reality wouldn't allow that, so I decided to play with a few dishes.  Surprisingly, it was energizing!  I really do love dishes!!!  Like these: pumpkin plate (thinking it would be a great serving plate for a cheese ball), gold casserole dish (my parents received it for their wedding), butter warmer (that I use as a caramel warmer), football salt/pepper shakers (I think I'm addicted to salt/pepper shakers)
 I love these white leaf plates, they are making their premiere this year. (picked them up on clearance last year)  Acorn salt/pepper shakers on a leaf, wire pumpkin place card holder (by the glasses), mini gravy boat on the left.
 Switching up the plate again and adding the napkin/placecard holder.
 This bread plate was from my Mita's stash.  She loved dishes too! 
 Playing with dishes was just what I needed.  Today was our last day of fall break.  I started at the dentist's office with my llama, then picked up the llama's friend and headed over to get flu shots at my husband's work.  Next stop was dropping my oldest at school for his last away game in Show Low.  Before taking him, I ran to pick him up some lunch.  We spent over 20 minutes waiting in line AFTER we ordered.  To make matters worse, a seriously crazy woman backed her car up in the drive-thru.  I'll spare you most of the details, but she did call me an ignoramus. (which is truly funny coming from a woman who just backed up in a drive-thru)  After we were able to leave, my teenagers said they were worried I was going to ram my van into her car repeatedly - you know, like Lois in Malcolm in the Middle!  I got Colton to the school and then took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese or as I call it - Mini Vegas.  I'll leave you with pumpkins on display at our dentist's office.  The football player
 A porcupine
 Angry Bird
 Barbie Witch
 McDonald's Hamburger
(my favorite)
 Upside down llama
(Kyler took all the pumpkin photos....thanks, Ky!!!)
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